Bentleigh Farmers Market

Written by: Nitty Brown

Markets and Community enjoyed being part of the inaugural event of Bentleigh Farmers Market. The community were thrilled when they found out there was a farmers market coming to their neighbourhood and certainly showed their support on the day.

Walking into East Bentleigh Primary School you can actually see how the school promotes sustainability, they have a Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden full of luscious vegetables growing. What a lovely way to teach children the importance of eating healthy.

The market heavily promoted a zero waste policy and encouraged visitors to bring their own coffee cups or use the reusable cups. It was refreshing to see people walking with their KeepCup’s including me. My KeepCup goes on all our market tours. There were long lines to two stall one was “The Little Coffee Van” who were off their feet catering to the large crowd and the second one was the Natural Fruit Sorbet, I was the lucky last to get the Strawberry sorbet but the sorbet certainly did go down well with the kids on such a hot summer’s day.

My next stop was Tanglewood Herbs and I made  a new friend, her name is Eszmay (No, not after the movie Twilight).  Eszmay won a bronze at the International Flower Show and she gets to travel to all the markets that Tanglewood Herbs go to.  Tanglewood Herbs do have a wide range of culinary and medicinal herbs and plants and both Peter and Rosemary were so delightful, they were patiently answering questions about how to grow mint or what to do with a certain plant.  This is what markets are about, where you can ask the stallholders any questions and they take the time to explain everything to your thoroughly as they are the growers.
Tanglewood Herbs
My new friend Eszmay.

We enjoyed many of the wonderful stallholders some who are already our friends and others who are newcomers such as Rustica Sourdough Bakery who sold out by the time we got there, would you believe the bees were attracted to their sample bread and one of the customers said “if it’s good for the bees then it certainly is good for us”.

I would love to mention some of the other stallholders, Grand Ridge Brewery, Rayners Stone Fruits, the delicious beef from Cherry Tree Organics and one of my favourites Flavour Station – We ♥ Cake.  I love some of their delicious flavours especially the carrot cake, it is simply divine.

With the community, school, and even the local parliamentary ministers behind the market, Bentleigh Farmers Market has certainly had a great start to many years of providing a farmers market to the locals and also supporting the school and sustainability.

You can check out Bentleigh Farmers Market on our website here.


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