Grandfather's Role in Child Minding

Written by: Nitty Brown


Grandfathers have started to take on the role that has predominantly been done by Grandmothers. Child minding the grandchildren has been a big hit amongst many of grandfathers who have taken on the role to help their own children out.

Nitty Brown, Business Manager of Markets and Community has her daughter looked after by her dad once a week and her father in law another day of the week. “Both my father and father in law have been a great support as I couldn’t afford to send my daughter to childcare 3 days a week” says Brown. The rising cost of childcare does really impact many families’ especially single parents. Linda from Lu Lu Designs is a single mum of 2 girls, 12 and 8; her step dad has been a fantastic support for her. On the school holidays Linda’s step father takes one of the girls any day she needs him to and usually keeps them for most the holidays. He also helps her out when she has a market to attend.

Leanne Dudley the owner of Bumble Bee Baby and Kids Market also relies on her father to help out with her girls especially the days she runs her markets which is usually during the weekend.

“My dad has a routine for my little girl, they go for walks, do gardening, drawing, have a nap and then it’s pick up time” says Brown, these grandfathers seem to enjoy the one on one bonding with their grandchildren, it would be because they have been working all their working lives and now that they are retired they can enjoy the special times that they may have missed with their own children.

They do it for the love of their children and grandchildren; it keeps them young and energized as looking after preschoolers is hard work. They are curious little things and want to explore and learn all the time and no better is a person who has the patience and all the time in the world like grandfathers.

It is also obvious that these dads are very proud of their daughters and are supportive of these women in business. They want to see their girls succeed and hence helping them by looking after the kids.

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Image: Bumblee Baby and Children’s Market owner Leanne Dudley’s father with his grand daughters.


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