Its My Birthday

Written by: Nitty Brown

30 something old and my life is getting better and better, if you ask me how old I am I have trouble figuring out my exact age.  It doesn't matter anyway, as I am loving my life at the moment.  Don't get me wrong, I have always loved life, I have had a pretty good life with a great family, husband, kids and dog. 

Like most women in business we get asked to give out tips on how to balance the best of both worlds of career and family.  I can say it is one big juggle but you really need to have the drive, passion, love and confidence.  This keeps you going, especially on those days where you have your day planned to the exact minute and then one of the kids get sick, you feel like crying but you have to think, well I can just reorganise my day and catch up the next day, or you can sit here on a Sunday night at 10:30pm writing your blog.

I do have a busy life, I am a woman, wife, mother, business woman, part time worker, a volunteer and a friend who loves going out with the girls, I have an amazing husband who is happy for me to lead my crazy life and be there when I need him to come home early so that I can go to a meeting or event or stay home on a Saturday night so that I can go out for dinner.

My drive is what has got me to where I am today, I am extremely proud of what I have acheived, I can honestly say I started at the bottom and worked my way to the top.  I learnt so much in my employment journey, I took every opportunity and if opportunites ceased I would move on.  I have used everything I learnt in my working life and applied it to my business. 

My tips are:

  • don't let anyone get YOU down
  • have a good SUPPORT network around you
  • have great GIRLFRIENDS who are truly happy for your success in business
  • get RID of negativity (this does make a big impact on your thinking)
  • use your NETWORKS to help you build your business (they do really want to help)
  • Get a CLEANER (I promise it will give you more hours to concentrate on doing what you love)
  • LOVE and look after yourself because you are WORTH it. 

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for being part of Markets and Community, we are still young but we have achieved so much in the past couple of years and we will keep growing and delivering as we promise.  



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