Reaching 8000 Followers

Written by: Nitty Brown


Markets and Community are celebrating reaching 8000 followers on facebook.  Social media is not for the faint hearted especially if you are running or trying to grow a business.  With the constant change in facebook's newsfeed algorithm and the opportunity to explore different social media outlets, it puts alot of pressure on businesses on where to focus your time and efforts.

During the start up phase of Markets and Community is when facebook for business took off, we jumped on the bandwagon and changed our marketing strategy with a major focus on social media with links back to the website.  The focus on social media has helped with the relationship building with market and event organisers, stallholders and businesses and we have become a trusted source for market listings and stallholders connections.

I have outlined some tips on how as a team we have built our social media following:

  • Building a following takes time especially if you have a targeted product, you want your followers to be genuine and interested in your product or service.  There is no point in having 10,000 followers who don't interact on your page.
  • There is consistency in the way we post, we are on almost daily with atleast one post a day and several during the weekend as this is our prime time.
  • Our posts are targeted with a focus on markets, events, stallholders and businesses.  Every once in a while I will post a personal picture of myself so that our followers can see who is behind the business.
  • We use hashtags with our posts, the hashtags are also targeted as there is a twitter feed connected to the facebook page.
  • Links to articles and blogs that are relevant are shared on the page, sometimes we put a direct link and sometimes it is shared from another page or the article itself. 
  • Boosted posts are not used very often, only when we are doing an event or running a promotion.  Most of our followers come from links in groups, articles, blogs, the website and other social media outlets.
  • When the reach is low, think to yourself, atleast it is getting reached to 100 people instead of 1000, and those 100 people will know about my product or service.
  • Images are used on 90% of the posts, this has changed over the last couple of years as images are more favoured on with reach.

I hope these tips will help you with your social media strategies.

You will also find us on Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest

Keeping up with the fast pace of the online world and constantly evolving has led us to consistent growth and there are many projects taking place in the background to bring products to businesses who are part of our community.

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