These state of the art glamorous tweezers contain a LED light and mirror allowing you to achieve those perfectly manicured eyebrows anytime, anywhere. Never again do you have to suffer those unsightly public moments when a glimpse of yourself in a mirror exposes all those fine hairs which you didn't see at home! The LED light ensures that nothing gets left behind! For ladies who appreciate a touch of bling, a white and pink edition with a crystal button is available. For the gentleman, these tweezers are amazing to remove splinters, unwanted hair and fit perfectly in your toolbox or glove box. KMJSelection is also introducing many more Led-Light Products in the coming months, Compact Mirror’s, Nail clippers and Light up Your Lip, Lip Glosses. If you would like a Unique, Affordable and fancy new beauty product please come and visit KMJSelection at my official Website and have a look at my Designer Fashion Tweezers with a Swarovski Crystal and Ultra Bright Led-light.


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