Our natural hand made soaps have none of the nasty irritating ingredients found in many commercial soaps ... if your skin has been suffering give it a break and enjoy the wonderful creamy texture of our handmade soaps and notice the difference! We make our soaps with locally grown and processed olive oil to condition your skin, a little coconut oil for lather and a little sustainable palm to keep the soap hard and long lasting. We also make 100% Olive Oil soap, 100% Coconut Oil soap, and Goatsmilk soap. We aim to make soap to suit everyone's needs, including babies, those with dry skin conditions and the elderly. Our soaps are handmade by Robyn Green & Penry Green, in small batches. The natural glycerine which is a by-product of the soapmaking process is retained in our soaps, producing a luxurious quality product.. You can purchase our handmade soap online by visiting our website . Take advantage of our free postage offer when you purchase a minimum of $55.00 worth of products from this site.


Whitehorse Farmers Market
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Robyn Green

Phone:0411 133 554